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6 Common Sense Public Health – Oriented Behaviors

Doesn’t it seem, strange, in most cases, the same people, who vigorously, complain about/ oppose, certain common sense, public health, restrictions, created, because of this horrific pandemic, are, often, the individuals, who, because of their irresponsible behavior, and avoidance of assuming/ taking personal/ social responsibility, create a situation, where the conditions, and spread of the virus, become far worse/ severe? Since, the United States’ population represents, approximately, 4.5% of the world’s total numbers, one might expect, our infection and fatality rates, would approximate (or, even, be slightly better than), that percentage.

5 Potential Ramifications Of This Post – Election Drama

Historians will look – back, at this recent, post – election, drama/ dramatics, and probably, use it. as an example of what happens, when, a populist, politician, who appears to make others, in his party, toe – the – line, probably, because of fear, and/ or, other personal/ political consideration, and/ or, self – interest, continue supporting his efforts, regardless of how, out – of – the – ordinary, and, perhaps, dangerous, created a potential, clear and present danger, to the best interests of the nation, its citizens, and the relevant, sustainable interests, of the planet. At least, in recent…

Why America Needs Better – FOCUSED Leaders?

How has this nation, arrived, at this point, where so many seem willing to accept the same – old, same – old, good – enough, leadership, when the challenges, both, currently, and probably, into the future, should tell us, we need better – FOCUSED, and prepared, public officials, who, consistently, put service, representation, and the best interests of this nation, planet, and its citizens, ahead of any personal/ poltical agenda, and/ or, self – interest? Especially, during these past four years, but, for a disturbing, period, leading – up, to it, we’ve observed, far, too often, politicians elected, who articulate populist rhetoric,…

Grand Duchess Elisabeth Feodorovna – Beautiful Princess Who Became a Saint

Elisabeth was tall, slim and beautiful. She became a much loved figure when she married the Russian, Grand Duke Serge Alexandrovitch, fourth son of Tsar Alexander II. Elisabeth gave up high society life after her husband’s death and devoted herself to serving God through ministering to the poor and the sick. She sold everything to establish the Convent of Martha and Mary and becme its abbess. Arrested by the Bolsheviks during the Russian Revolution, she was murdered along with the Tsar and his family. The Grand Duchess was canonized by the Russian Orthodox Church Abroad in 1981, and by the Moscow Patriarchate in 1992 as the Holy Martyr Elizabeth Feodorovna.

Congressional Failures

Never before in recent memory has there been members of Congress behaved so inept in practically every regard. They have continued to miss the boat on every piece of legislation that has come out of Washington for the past 40 years. It is then no wonder why the United States has the greatest income inequality in our nations history.

Why America Needs Future Leaders With Relevant VISION?

Regardless, of one’s personal/ political agenda, party affiliation, or priorities, most people, should, agree, this nation, has reached, a crossroads, where, the path, we take, forward, might determine, the future of the United States, in terms of paying keen attention to Constitutional guarantees, freedoms, rights, and justice – for – all, and protecting the sustainability of our planet, in terms of maintaining and strengthening environmental protections, and realistically, addressing the inherent, challenges, of Climate Change. Especially, at this point – in – time, America needs real leaders, with relevant, sustainable VISION, who are proactive, and have the nerve, to make changes,…

6 Necessities For A Sustainable Future

Most people, in the United States, seem to pay more, to the rhetoric, and empty promises of potential, elected officials, than they do, to how, someone, might achieve his objectives, in a relevant, sustainable manner! Hundreds of millions of dollars, or more, are spent, on Presidential election campaigns, yet, we rarely, learn, much, of value/ significance, from these advertisements, slogans, and rallies. What good, is achieved, unless/ until, someone we elect, focuses on, and emphasizes, the best, most relevant, sustainable approach, to use, to address the true priorities, needs, and necessities, of our nation, and citizens.

Constitutional Interpretations: Originalist Versus Evolving?: 5 Examples

Many believe, we are living in a period of time, when our American Constitution, and many of the Constitutional guarantees, we have become accustomed to, are being threatened! While, this has, perhaps, been going on, for quite – some time, the last four years, has seemed, to bring – it – to – a – head. President Donald Trump appointed a record – number of lifetime appointments to the Federal Court, especially, to the U.

Using The PIECES For A Better Future!

Most people state, they would hope, for the nation, and our planet, to become stronger, and better, in the future, so future generations, can enjoy it, and become the protectors, to those, who follow them! However, unfortunately, despite the empty promises, and rhetoric, of politicians, we witness, very little, real progress, in that direction! Whether, because of the nature, and character, of those, we elect, or some inherent weakness in the American political system, unless/ until, significant changes, for the better, are implemented, and utilized, we probably, will see little, true improvements!

7 Necessities For Restoring Confidence In US Elections

Which seems better, voter apathy, motivating involvement (and wanting to have one’s voice count), or, believing, the United States elections, are rigged, anyway, and proceeding, with a mistrust of elected officials, and the overall system? Unfortunately, only the middle option, is a positive one! For many years, the first was a factor, in low turnout, etc.

The Internal Crisis

As hope diminishes for the already down trodden masses who have fallen victim to discriminatory policies have little recourse in escaping the deluge of misfortunes that always follow. There continues to be more hopeless souls falling into a realm of reality from removed from the hopes and dreams that were once fulfilled by generations of long ago. The powers that be have long since turned a blind eye to those millions who have fallen between the cracks in our society.

Why So Many Have Lost FAITH In The US Political System?

For many years, many Americans have held a very low opinion, of their elected and public officials, and, this, has seemed, to, come – to – a – head, especially, after these past four years, which seemed, to many, to be unlike, anything, witnessed, before, in recent memory! It seems, the level of polarization, conspiracy theories, lack of trust, etc, has become, the worst, ever! Although, this past election, had the largest number of eligible voters, voting, ever, it still represented, only about 65% of the total, who could have voted.

The 1950s – A Special Time in History

The 1950s was a special time in history marked by the post-World War II boom, the Korean War, the dawn of the Cold War and mass migration to Australia from Europe. It was the Golden Age of Television, Elvis Presley who symbolized Rock and Roll and the Golden Age of Capitalism, religious faith, patriotism, and conformity to society norms.

6 Reasons This Election Was Closer Than Some Expected

Political polls, public opinion surveys, etc, often, are used, and relied upon, in order to determine, what people believe, want, prefer, and perceive, but, in recent elections, it has become clear, what people tell pollsters, and what they, actually do, in the voting booth, often differs! For months, prior to this past, Presidential election, nearly, every report, stated, President Trump, trailed his opponent, Joe Biden, in a statistically, significant way. However, for probably, many reasons, it seems, the actual results, were somewhat, closer.

Turbulent 20th Century – Pre-War and Post War Immigrant Experiences

World War II brought sorrow, displacement, patriotism and rivalry. During the pre – World War II years, the Dodecanese Islands located in the southeastern Aegean Sea was under Italian occupation (1912 to 1945). Following the victory of the Allies in 1945, the islands became a British military protectorate and Dodecanese unification with Greece was formalized in 1947. The Greek flag was finally raised on March 7th, 1948 ending centuries of non – Greek rule.

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