Fiscal Stimulus Still Reverberating on Rates: Alan Ruskin

Why Are There Such Different Perceptions?: 5 Areas

Perhaps, because of the degree of ever – expanding, polarization, in this nation, especially, during the past – four years (as well as decade), various individuals, with differing political views, etc, seem to perceive things, significantly, differently, from those, with different perspectives. While, this, in – and – of – itself, is not dangerous/ crucial, it creates a significant obstacle, in terms of trying to achieve any meeting – of – the – minds, for the greater good, and/ or, any willingness to look at things, from the perspectives, of others! It often seems, even, the most obvious things, are…

The Fix

The allure of big money has always been an overwhelming temptation to pursue sometimes illegal means to reap ones financial desire. In sports, especially professional sports today with so much money involved many has sought that one big payday. After watching the NFL Championship, a game that Green Bay was expected to win hands down concerning questions have surfaced.

A Cup Of “Joe” To Go

n a world that is constantly changing where does this nation stand? When we consider the tumultuous last four years where everything that could go wrong did was reason enough to realize this nation was indeed in serious trouble. Mistakes that we let happen.

If He’s Not Convicted, What Would It Take?: 6 Concerns

Whether, one was a loyal, core supporter/ follower, of former President Donald Trump, or strongly opposed, all should agree, he was, perhaps, the most controversial, divisive leader, in recent memory! We endured, four years, where, political fact – checkers, proclaim, witnessed tens – of – thousands, of lies, etc. Although, most politicians, spin, the facts, Trump, often, seemed to distort them, etc!

4 Areas Where Data Really Matters!

For, at least, the last year, we witnessed, nearly, every day, an ongoing battle, between, those, who, embraced science, and data, versus, those, who denied the numbers, and what, the related science, indicated, regarding this horrific pandemic! The reality is, the realities of the numbers, don’t go – away, and/ or, change, by denying, and/ or ignoring them! Although, this situation, seems to be a glaring one, there are many areas/ scenarios, in our lives, where, wise leaders study, understand, and embrace, relevant statistics/ data, and lesser ones, ignore, deny, or, fail to realize, what they mean, and their significance…

6 Actions Needed By All, To Beat This Pandemic!

When, we witness, more Americans, dying, every day, from this pandemic, than died, from the atrocities, of September 11, 2001, and, many people, still, seem, unwilling to commit, to the necessary degree of personal responsibility/ commitment, needed, for the greater good, our potential to achieve, some light – at – the – end – of – tunnel, regarding, potential progress, for this deadly virus, is severely, limited! Although, the United States, has, about 4.5% of the world population, we have experienced, about 20% of the cases, and 17% of the fatalities.

Critical Thinking: Is Humanity Too Traumatised To Care About The Environment?

In recent years, there has been an intense focus on the environment and the damage that is being done to it. This is an area that the mainstream media, Hollywood and even the British royal family routinely covers.

A Basic 6 – Step Plan To Beat This Pandemic Together!

It’s now been, over a year, since the first, known case, from this horrific pandemic, was detected, in the United States. Although, there are many reasons, it became, as deadly, as it did, and more – than – enough, blame, to go – around, it may be more upsetting (if, possible), the infection, and death rate, instead of being reduced, has been escalating! We cannot continue, this deadly, poor response, any longer, but, rather, we need a well – considered, national response, created by public health experts, and scientists, instead of politically – motivated, politicians!

You Won the Election – Now What to Do As Class President?

As one of the most controversial and divisive election in many years, all eyes are on President Joe Biden. Will President Joe Biden “wag the dog” to draw attention away from the scandal surrounding his son Hunter Biden? Will President Joe Biden begin by trying to bring together an already divided country by reaching across the aisle, or will he just satisfy those who helped him to get elected?

Critical Thinking: Is There A War On Consciousness?

Nowadays, most people live in countries that provide around the clock news coverage. Thanks to this, there is no reason why any of the citizenries who live in a country like this need to miss out on what is going on.

UNITY: The Essential Theme Of The Inauguration!

After, perhaps, the most tumultuous, polarizing four – year period, in recent memory, ending in 2020, a year, which suffered from the impacts of this horrific, deadly pandemic, and one of the most contentious, divisive elections, ever, many looked forward, with a degree of optimism, and hope, with the election of a more – conventional individual, to hopefully, the restoration of some degree of what, we have always, considered, normal, in this country! If, the tone of the inauguration of President Joe Biden, Jr, and Vice President Kamala Harris, is any indication, our hopes, may be fulfilled. It seemed to…

5 Ways, Normal, Will Be Very Welcome!

After, four years, of living – under, the leadership, of an American President, unlike, any of his predecessors, and listening to the ramblings, changing narratives, and/ or, unexpected behavior, of that individual, with the changing – of – the – baton, and Joe Biden, ascending to our Presidency, although, it may, seem more dull, and normal, many of us, feel, this will be a most – welcome, scenario! Political fact – checkers, inform us, President Trump, misstated the facts, gave false/ misleading narratives, and/ or, told lies, at an alarming, unheard – of, rate/ pace! His apparent, lack of planning,…

Covid-19 Prevention

In today’s high tech world the prospect of living longer is all but assured by the marvels of modern medicine. But, with the advances in medical technology and updated vaccines has always come with purse strings. Through-out history it has always been the more affluent that are the first ones and in many cases are the only ones to be the beneficiaries of medicine and medical procedures.

Biden’s Economic Balancing Act

When President-Elect Biden proposed his latest economic recovery plan the intentions of which are sound but, therein lies potential setbacks to authentic economic stabilization of our economy. We have to point out that any increase in basic wages my sound like a dream come true for millions but, conversely consumer goods have always risen proportionally to any increase in incomes. A case in point: When the Alaska pipe line was being constructed wages for the average construction worker was around $80,000 per year.

5 Key Reasons, Love Must Trump Hate!

If, we have learned, nothing, else, from these past four years, it must be, when, hatred, fear, and prejudice, become the priorities, rather than any attempt, at coming – together, for the greater good, we all lose! The policies of hate, fear, prejudice, and self – interest, are never helpful, because, they divide, and polarize us, instead of bringing – us, together, for the greater good. We need leaders, who prioritize, healing our wounds, and emphasizing, a meeting – of – the – minds, instead of continuing, this partisan politics, we witness, far – too – often!

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